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Cooperation / Wholesale

We are open to cooperation with companies, specialists, as well as new suppliers for wholesale sales.

Below we provide the procedure for each category:

  • Suppliers:  Send us your catalog by email: with your suggestions and we will definitely consider them and respond to you.
  • Specialists and Companies of the Republic of Moldova:  You can use the website for a wholesale order / Example: You need 10-15 units of a certain item on the website, leave an order for these 10-15 items as an ordinary consumer on the website with your contact information and we will automatically recalculate the wholesale cost for you and we will offer you a different price regardless of the cost of your order on the website. For better communication, we recommend using Viber/Whatsapp so that we can contact you.

  We do not deliberately open the personal account option on the site because we sincerely believe that this system is outdated. We operate on an open market strategy, we are open to cooperation and our tactic is to keep you with good offers and not with an account on the website or email newsletters.

We are open for cooperation.

Best regards, Electroparc team.