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Delivery and payment FAQ

  • I want to order delivery of goods, is this possible?

 Yes, it is possible.

  • What shipping method is available?

We deliver goods exclusively through the  Novaposhta company , by post office.

  • Where you can deliver ?

Delivery can be arranged throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova , excluding the Transnistrean region.

  • How much does delivery within Moldova cost?

The cost of delivery to the regions of Moldova is approximately from 80 to 100 lei , depending on  weight and size.

  • How long does it take for a parcel to be delivered in Moldova?

The approximate delivery time to any region of Moldova is from 48 hours to 72 hours from the moment of registration of documents for shipment by our company. The countdown does not start from the time of ordering on the website.

  • I am in Chisinau, what delivery options are available to me?

For residents of the capital,  delivery  is also carried out via postal courier, to a post office, to an address or to a Novaposhta department.

  • What are the delivery conditions in Chisinau?

For an estimated amount of 50 lei you will receive delivery in Chisinau within 48 hours.

For an estimated amount of 75 lei you will receive same-day delivery if you place your order before 9:30 am , if later delivery will remain a priority but will be delivered within 24 hours. 

  • What is same day delivery?

Same-day delivery is an option of the Novaposhta company , delivery in Chisinau is available on the same day, but the option is only available on weekdays excluding national holidays or weekends.

  • I ordered delivery of goods, how can I track my parcel?

After completing the shipment, you will receive a tracking number from the operator via Viber / Whatsapp. 

  • Can I indicate my work address in the mail if it is not convenient for me to pick it up at home?

No, delivery can arrive at 7-9 pm and the courier will not wait if you go home or start another working day.

In case of providing fictitious data or business address,  we reserve the right to cancel any order and refuse to sell the goods through delivery or further cooperation in any form until the client has reimbursed all costs associated with returning the goods from the courier to our warehouse.

  • What data is needed for delivery?

First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, City/Village, Street, House Number.

  • How can I pay for the parcel?

Payment is made upon receipt of the goods to the courier in full amount including the delivery amount.

  • Can I pay for the parcel by card?

Yes, the option of paying by card is available both when picking up from our store and when receiving goods from a courier, but in the second case, warn about this at the stage of processing the shipment.

  • I have a problem receiving a parcel but the site operator does not respond, what should I do? 

The site operator is not responsible for sending the parcel after it is released to the postal company, so you need to contact the post office at the numbers indicated on their official website .

  • Can I request a photo of the item before shipping?

Yes, of course, write to us and we will send you a photo via Viber / WhatsApp.

  • Who pays for delivery?

Delivery is paid by the costumer.

  • I placed an item on the website for delivery but the operator did not contact me, what should I do?

Parcels are processed only from 9:00 to 11:00 am on weekdays . All delivery orders placed after this time or outside of business hours/day are considered to be automatically placed on the next business day. The operator can contact you via Viber / WhatsApp for clarification  , but he will not be able to process the parcel for you during non-working hours.  

  • The part did not suit me, is it possible to get a refund for delivery?

No, money is refunded only for the spare part within the period regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, if there are no traces of installation.

Shipping is an additional one-time option with a separate postal company and all shipping costs are non-refundable, the entire responsibility for selecting the part is  the responsibility of the consumer.

  By placing a parcel, you automatically agree to the terms of this section and upon request, we will additionally send you a link to this information, but if there is no request, it is considered that you have read it and de facto agree.